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By Gullflora •  January 01, 2024

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People often say that love and affection aren't just about kisses and other romantic stuff. We agree that love is not just about kissing and other similar stuff, however, a kiss is a way of showing your love and affection towards your partner. Valentine's week consists of many days and each day has a separate meaning. Rose day is the beginning and resembles proposals similarly hug day is about showing your comfort with your partner. In the very same manner, Kiss Day is about showing your love to your partner.

This day is indeed special and should be celebrated by every happy couple. However, a kiss might get even more romantic and memorable with some additional ideas. These ideas will make your kiss day and your moment even more special and filled with amazing memories. To know how you can do so, read further.

5 Amazing Ideas to Make Your Kiss Day Special

Kiss day is an already special day as it's about showing your love to your partner. This day can be even more special with some simple and unique ideas. These simple and unique ideas are:-

  • A Day of Surprise Kisses

A surprise is something that can make anyone happy and excited like a little kid. There are many ways through which you can surprise your partner and get them all excited and happy on Kiss Day. You can take your partner to some place or spat where you have made special memories like the first meeting or first kiss.

Taking your partner to a special place/spot that means a lot to both of you will be a surprise in itself. However, you can surprise your partner again with a surprise kiss in that exact place.

  • DIY Kiss Crafts

As we already know a healthy relationship doesn't require expensive gifts combos to survive and to cherish. A healthy and happy relationship just needs effort from both sides. So instead of going for expensive and hard-to-get gifts, you can just make something with your efforts.

As we already know Kiss Day is about showing your love towards your partner and nothing can be more lovely than a self-made gift by dedicating your efforts and time. You can even add a touch to make such DIY gifts/crafts look more related to Kiss Day.

  • Kiss-Themed Movie Dates

A movie date can be perfect to celebrate any kind of occasion. Whenever it's an occasion for couples, then a movie date can be the best idea. You and your partner can go for a romantic movie that can give you a lot of romantic moments to kiss each other. You can also go to your partner's place or invite him/her to your place for an entire Kiss Themed movie marathon.In this marathon, you can watch' back-to-back kiss' themed movies and spend some romantic time together. An entire movie marathon will give you even more romantic moments to kiss.

  • Personalized Kiss playlist

Music can be the cure for every mood and can lift any person's spirit. Music also has the power to manipulate one's mind and make him/her feel wise. A romantic movie can make your and your partner's mood romantic and cheerful.

You can personalize a playlist and play it at your or your partner's place or wherever you plan to spend time together. They will not just make your and your partner's mood romantic but will also make Both of you feel special. You will also feel the loving and romantic vibe with each kiss.

  • Kiss Day memory book

A memory book is a collection of the best memories that you can and want to remember forever. You can make a personalized Kiss Day memory book for your partner and gift it to them. You can add a love letter to it or any of the memories from previous kiss days that both of you have celebrated together.

It can include pictures, loving quotes, or something special that both of you have said to each other. You should leave space for the memories of the current kiss day and upcoming kiss days in your life.

Unique Gifts to make Kiss Day more special

Kiss Day cannot be complete without some unique and memorable gifts that can be remembered for years. Some of the gifts that you can give to your partner on Kiss Day are:

  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Chocolates are delightful and can be gifted and enjoyed on almost every occasion. When it comes to an occasion like kiss day which you and your partner will be celebrating together, then chocolates and cakes can be a great gift.

Ferrero Rocher chocolate has always been a choice for gifts, especially among couples. This is because it is rich in flavor, delightful, and melts in your mouth. It's also in a mini ball shape which makes it easier to consume.

  • Pink lilies in vase

Roses might be a symbol of love and care towards each other and it's the most popular flower among couples too. However in Valentine's week, the roses have their special day, so for Kiss Day you can go with other options.

The most popular option is lilies. Lilies are considered to be equally beautiful just as roses and can be available in different colors. Still, it would be better to give pink lilies to your partner on Kiss Day. Gifting pink roses along with the vase will give it an additional loving touch.

  • Yellow and Pink Tulip bouquet

Lilies might be a good option but you should never be afraid to try something new in your relationship. For example, instead of ordinary flowers delivery online or from florists, you can go with tulips. A combination of Yellow and pink tulips in a well-arranged bouquet will look amazingly satisfying. It can be a great option to use as a gift for your partner. It will create a sense of uniqueness and thoughtfulness.


Kiss Day is as special as any other day in Valentine's week. So you should celebrate it similarly. Celebrating Kiss Day uniquely adds more charm. Adding personal touches and showing affection with flowers, chocolates and gifts creates lasting memories that feel deep. GulfFlora is the best place to get flowers and gifts to make your celebration worthy.

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