How to Choose Flowers According to the Birthday Month

By Gullflora •  October 10, 2023

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How to Choose Flowers According to the Birthday Month

Flowers are one of the most special birthday gifts. The beauty of a fresh bouquet of blooms is such that it can light up anyone’s world. However, do you know that you can make a birthday bouquet all the more special by choosing the blooms according to the birthday month? Well, doesn’t that make the gift all the more precious and thoughtful? In this blog, join us, as we curate a list on how to choose blooms as per the birthday months - from January to December.

Which Flower Represents Which Birthday Month?

  1. Carnations for January

Carnations are known as ‘The Flowers of God.’ These exquisite blooms are incredibly popular, owing to their vivacious and charming colors and unique arrangements. First used in Ancient Greece, the rise of carnations has been exponential. So, if you have a best friend, family member, or any other loved one born in January, you can easily express your love and adoration towards her by gifting her carnations.

And, you can further customize your carnation birthday bouquet by aligning the message you are trying to convey with the hue of the flowers. For instance, if you have a friend who was born in January, and you are platonically attracted to them, a bouquet of red carnations will, indeed, be a phenomenal gift. You should remember that carnations blossom in the winter, and even after being cut, these blooms last a very long time.

  1. Iris for February

The iris is a beautiful flower that blooms in the spring. It usually possesses asymmetrical flowers, and the colors may vary from blue, to yellow, and white. Carnations often symbolize sentiments, such as peace and pure love. These flowers were considered a symbol of fertility and affection during the times of ancient Greece. Moreover, another very interesting trait of irises pertains to their habitat; irises can grow in deserts, swamps, extreme temperatures, cold climates, etc.

Well, all of these qualities, indeed, embody the character of February-born individuals. So, if you want to make your friend, who was born in February, feel extra special, a gorgeous bouquet of irises will definitely make them smile wide.

  1. Daffodils for March

These trumpet-shaped flowers are the quintessential symbol of love. Daffodils have a star-shaped background to contrast their erupting trumpet center. Daffodils originated from the Mediterranean, and their popularity skyrocketed since the 1600s. William Wordsworth’s Daffodils poem written in 1807 is a cultural moment that reflects the fascination towards flowers 200 years ago.

The vivacity and cheerfulness of daffodils are a perfect gift for the friendly, kind, and every-helpful March babies. So, if you have friends born in March, then make sure to give them a well-arranged bouquet of daffodils.

  1. Daisies for April

The beauty of daisies knows no bounds. These simple blooms radiate happiness and feelings of sheer purity. Daisies symbolize new beginnings and are the perfect gift for your April-born friends. The simple, sober, and pure-hearted nature of April-born individuals is aptly reflected in the divinity and innocence of a fresh bouquet of daisies.

At times, you might find it hard to find fresh blooms of the season, but a reliable flower delivery service can always help. A very interesting fact about daisies is that you can eat their leaves, which make for a great addition to your spring salads.

  1. Lilies for May

Lilies embody the return of happiness and are the perfect birth month flowers for May-born individuals. These flowers come in divers ki e colors and shapes, and their simplicity is the prime highlight. Besides, the fragrant aroma of lilies also makes them the perfect blooms to place in your living or bedroom. It is essential to remember that lilies are short-lived blooms, so make sure to time your arrangement accordingly.

So, if you have a loved one born in May, make sure to pamper them a little extra by sending the freshest bouquets of lilies. Besides, if your friend lives abroad, then you can easily send birthday flowers to Saudi Arabia or any other country by opting for a reliable flower delivery service.

  1. Roses for June

Roes are the universal embodiment of beauty and adoration. In fact, the red rose is synonymous with love in today’s times. Thus, it would not be erroneous to assert that the birth month flowers for June are the fan favorite of many. So, if you have a friend born in June, then send them an exquisite arrangement of the freshest roses. These vibrant, colorful, and alluring flowers are surely going to tug at their heartstrings.

  1. Delphinium for July

This tall, irregular-shaped flower is an excellent choice for long-neck vases. Delphiniums are exotic flowers, which are somewhat fragile and short-lived. So, make sure that you plan accordingly if you wish to place these July blooms in an arrangement.

  1. Gladiolus for August

The most special feature of the Gladiolus flower is its brilliant display of spike-like blooms. These perennials possess  a variety of sophisticated and classy, which makes them the perfect gift for August-born babies. An interesting fact about gladiolus is that its name is derived from the word xiphos, which means sword. And, it shares its original name with the actual swords used by the combat infantry of the Roman Army, and gladiolas were, in fact, a symbol of the Roman Gladiators. So, give your August-born pal these heroic flowers and see their smiles widen.

  1. Forget-Me-Not for September

Forget-me-nots are an intrinsic symbol of true love. The fact that you have to gently pick up these delicate flowers from the garden is an apt embodiment of the meaning of true love, which is always kind, generous, and caring. Nevertheless, forget-me-nots are five-petalled blue blooms, which are native to New Zealand and are also Alaska’s state flowers. The scientific name of forget-me-nots is Myosotis scorpioides because the flower stalks look like a scorpion’s tail.

There is, in fact, a legend associated with delicate blooms. According to mythology, a medieval knight and his lady love were strolling along a river. The knight carried a bouquet of forget-me-nots. As per the lore, the knight stumbles and falls into the river, and weighed down by his heavy armor begins to sink. In his final seconds, he throws his lady love the bouquet of flowers and shouts - ‘forget-me-not!’ Well, it is a fascinating tale indeed, and will definitely tug at the heartstrings of many.

Thus, forget-me-nots are the perfect gifts for the very romantic September-born fellows. You can pair forget-me-nots with blue violets so it has a more beautiful appeal. If you are unable to find forget-me-nots in your garden, look in the seed section of your garden center and purchase a packet of its seeds and plant them with all your true love. Furthermore, it is also possible to press and dry forget-me-nots and use them in crafts.

  1. Marigolds for October

Marigolds are hard blooms that display a stunning spectrum of crimson, yellow, orange and white. You can easily spot their mesmerizing show of gold, yellow, and burgundy hues in gardens from summer through fall. Marigolds reflect vivacity and are the ideal flower bouquet for bubbly and charming October-born individuals.

Moreover, the fact that marigold is used to decorate homes during festivals in India makes these flowers all the more special. So, give your October-born relative or friend an exquisite arrangement of yellow and orange-shaded marigolds and impress their hearts, instantly. If your loved ones live abroad, then make sure to send birthday flowers to Saudi Arabia or any region by opting for the services of dependable flower delivery.

  1. Chrysanthemums for November

Chrysanthemums come in a range of colors - from white to purple and variations of red. These floral arrangements are an embodiment of joy and optimism, making them the perfect gift for your November-born friend’s birthday. The history of chrysanthemums is rich and vibrant. For instance, in 400 AD Japan, when these flowers first reached the country, they were so prized that they featured on the Imperial Crest of Japan.

So, gift your November-born friend something extra special and curate a classy, sophisticated, and vibrant bouquet of chrysanthemums. They will surely cherish the gift with their whole heart and get immersed in the beauty of these vivacious blooms.

  1. Poinsettia for December

Of course, these universal Christmas decorations have to be the quintessential December month flower. With striking red and green displays, poinsettias are the perfect fit for the holiday season that shines in full glory during December. So, for your December-born friend or family member, an exquisitely crafted bouquet of poinsettias by super-fine florists is the perfect present. These joyful blooms will remind them of the holiday spirit and also make them smile a bit wider on their birthday.

Wrapping It Up

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the 12 different flowers for the 12 different birthday months. With this list, you can easily choose the most relevant bloom according to a birthday month and curate an extra-special gift for your friend, family member, colleague or special someone.

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