Most Common Types of Flowers that Mean Love

By Gullflora •  October 10, 2023

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Most Common Types of Flowers that Mean Love

Flowers have unique meanings attached to them. The history of associating different meanings with different flowers dates centuries back in Asia and Europe. The lexicon of flowers has played a major part in folklore, mythologies, herbology of the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. Besides, sonnets have also been written about the embodiments of flowers. In the Victorian Era of the 1800s, the linguistics of flowers was a widely popular pastime. Nearly all Victorian homes had, alongside the Bible, guidebooks for decoding the ‘language’ of blossoms.

The interpretations of the meaning of each flower were extracted from botanical publications, folklore, literature, and religious meanings. The meanings and symbols of flowers meant that people could express their feelings and emotions with the help of a flower, and did not even have to say a single word to convey their heart’s message. You might be surprised to know flower meanings played a pivotal role in William Shakespeare’s work, as well. Although more than 200 years have passed since the Victorian Era, the fascination about finding the meaning of flowers still remains. But the crux is that a wide variety of blooms represent the different dimensions, layers or interpretations of love.

When it is time to give flowers to a loved one on a special occasion, whether it is Mother’s Day, your anniversary, a friend’s birthday, etc., you can express nearly every sentiment and emotion of love and adoration imaginable with flowers. In this blog, we will check out the various flowers that mean love and the type of love they embody so that when you are opting for a flower bouquet delivery, you know which blooms to go for!

Top Flowers and their Different Meanings of Love

  1. Lilac

Lilacs represent the beginning of a first love. These purple-hued blooms are, thus, the perfect gift for new couples. Likewise, if you have recently fallen in love and are now coupled with the girl/guy of your dreams, then do not forget to present them a bouquet of fresh lilacs. It is the thoughtful gift that encapsulates your current romantic life.

The recipient of lilacs is bound to recall the love, affection, and warmth of this bouquet given during the early stages of a relationship later on in life. If you want a more timeless floral present, then gifting a lilac shrub is also a great choice.

  1. Camellias

A lot of people have not even heard of the flower - camellia. But, yes, you might have seen these blooms in photographs of regions pertaining to colder climates. Camellias grow as a shrub in warmer climates, and hence, are a flower form is quite a rare sight, as they tend to be extremely fragile.

But, when we come to the meaning of camellias, these beautiful blossoms are all about romance. Camellias look similar to roses, and similar to the different meanings of different coloured roses, camellias also go by a similar trajectory. For instance, red camellias mean - ‘you are a flame in my heart.’ On the heart a pink camellia signifies longing, and a white camellia implies - ‘you are adorable.’ I’m

If your loved ones reside in an area where camellias bloom in full glory, then do not forget to consider an online flower delivery of camellias during their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

  1. Sunflowers

The bright, vivacious, and heart-warming sunflowers represent adoration, pure love and longevity. Sunflowers are an embodiment of cheerful faces. And, when growing, they follow the sun, moving throughout the day. Indeed, these blooms are truly mind-blowing. One of the best parts is that sunflowers are found everywhere, and you can easily get it at the nearest florist. Moreover, you can also easily grow sunflowers in your own backyard.

So, if you want to display pure love and adoration to a person, such as a person that you have recently started crushing on, or someone you genuinely respect from the bottom of your heart, such as a mentor, then sunflowers are an excellent flower bouquet delivery choice.

  1. Rose

One of the most loved flowers in the history of mankind, the charm and significance of roses is unparalleled. The meanings of different-coloured roses have fascinated every culture for centuries. Even today, when we talk about flower meanings, the fact that different-hued roses have different meanings is incredibly enticing. The different implications of different coloured roses are -

  • Red Roses - The meaning of a red rose is universally acknowledged to be passion and love.
  • Pink Roses - A pink rose means admiration and gratitude. It is the ideal flowers delivery gift for people you appreciate and look up to, such as your friends, teachers, etc.
  • White Roses - They symbolize young love and eternal loyalty. Thus, they are an excellent choice for weddings, unions and nuptials.
  • Purple Roses - Purple roses are one of the rarest roses, and they signify enhancement and love at first sight. As purple roses are a rarity, they were only intended for the royalty in olden times. Thus, royal and regal status of purple roses has continued even till today, as they are deemed as majestic flowers.
  1. Primrose

You might be surprised to know that primrose is one of the most romantic flowers. It means, ‘I cannot live without you,’ or ‘our lover is eternal.’ Thus, the primrose is excellent to give to your spouse or partner on a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. You can find primrose in small potted plants during the spring season at the grocery store or the florist.

The best part is that the online flower delivery of primroses is available in an array of vibrant colors. For instance, you can find primroses in yellow, purple, red, fuschia, bi-colours, etc. Some even have a sweet scent. So, it is a win-win from all facets.

  1. Red Chrysanthemums

The fifth flower that means love is the red chrysanthemums. These flowers mean ‘I love you.’ Chrysanthemums make hardy cut blooms that are widely available in bouquets. The fact that the last long, just like true love, is all the more reason to give your special someone chrysanthemums this season. Moreover, their long-lasting feature also makes them an excellent gift for anniversaries, birthday parties, online flower bouquet delivery as the freshness will remain intact for prolonged times.

  1. Forget-Me-Not

Any list talking about flowers that embody love would not be complete with forget-me-nots. The intrinsic meaning of these delicate little blue beauties is true love. The fact that you have to gently pick up these flowers from the garden is a representation of the underlying meaning of true love, which is always gentleness and care.

You can pair forget-me-nots with blue violets so it has a more beautiful appeal. Besides, the fact that blue violets mean faithfulness puts your entire message together. If you are unable to find forget-me-nots in your garden, look in the seed section of your garden center and purchase a packet of its seeds and plant them with all your true love. Furthermore, it is also possible to press and dry forget-me-nots, and use them in crafts.

  1. Carnation

The seventh flower that means love is carnations. The carnation signifies fascination. Lighter hues of carnations are often used to convey admiration, whereas the darker shades imply deeper emotions of love and affection.

  1. Orchid

Last but not least, the orchid flower is also an apt embodiment of love, rather a different type of love. The orchid represents one-of-a-kind love, and is also a symbol of luxury, refinement, and strength. So, if you want to gift your friend a bouquet of flowers and show them your love and admiration, then orchids are a great choice.

Now that we have touched upon the different flowers that mean that flowers delivery for the right person and right occasion gets easier, it is time to check out some of the implications of the different colors of various species of blossoms.

Meanings of Different Colors of Flowers

Pink carnations - ‘I will never forget you.’

Red carnations - ‘my heart aches for you.’

White carnations - ‘sweet and lovely’

White Violet - Innocence

Purple violet - ‘thoughts were occupied with love’

Red tulip - confession of love

Calla lily - magnificent beauty

Clover - ‘think of me’

Orange rose - desire

Lavender rose - love at first sight

Wrapping It Up

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the different flowers that mean love. From the primrose to the sunflower, all the blooms mentioned above embody different forms of love, adoration and affection. If you are planning to give your loved one a gift, a bouquet of flowers is always an excellent choice. Besides, if you convey to them what you are trying to say via the flowers, the entire gesture becomes all the more special.

So, from the above blog, it has become quite clear that it is possible to express an array of emotions, including adoration, respect, love, commitment, desire, etc, via flowers. Truly, the world of flower language is fascinating, and it is quite understandable why our Victorian activities were so immersed in the activity.

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