Mother’s Day in the Arab World: Celebrating the Most Important Woman in Our Lives

By Gullflora •  October 10, 2023

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Mother’s Day in the Arab World: Celebrating the Most Important Woman in Our Lives

The mother is one of the most special women in everyone’s lives. She cares for and tends to us from birth, till we become adults, and her concerns, boundless affection, and relentless zeal to see us thrive do not simmer down - no matter what age we reach. A mother’s love is selfless, unconditional, and pure. So, it is understandable that we all celebrate Mother’s Day with sheer pomp and show. Of course, respecting, commending, and appreciating the love, care, and efforts of your mother should not be relegated to a single day of superficial celebrations, but dedicating a day to mothers is, of course, justified.

As a good daughter or son, your objective should be to shower and pamper your mother each day of the year, but to go the extra mile during Mother’s Day. One of the most distinctive and unique features of Mother’s Day is that it is celebrated in different corners of the world. For instance, Arabia Mother's Day is celebrated on the 21st of March every year. If you want to know what makes Mother’s Day in the Arab World extra special and different - read ahead!

When is Mother’s Day Celebrated in the Arab World and Why?

One distinct trait of Mother’s Day is that it is celebrated in various parts of the world on different dates. In the Arab World, it is typically celebrated on March 21st - a day that marks the arrival of Spring. The first day of Spring celebrated as Mother’s Day in the Arab World has historical significance as well. The ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians used to celebrate their mothers with boats full of flowers, which was typically done at the beginning of the spring season as a symbol of new life.

However, there is another very interesting story about the inception of Arabia Mother Day. Mother’s Day holiday was officially introduced in Egypt - an integral part of the Arab World - by journalist Mustafa Amin. After becoming an official holiday in Egypt, other Arab nations, such as Jordan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Oman, etc, also followed suit.

The day serves as an opportunity for people in the region to shower regard, love and appreciation to the most important woman in their lives - their mother. Usually, in Arab countries, Mother's Day is marked with special events and fun yet endearing activities. For instance, in some families, children give their mothers cards or gifts or take them out to dinner. Schools also organize special assemblies and performances to honor mothers. Mother, some businesses also offer special discounts and offers during Mother’s Day.

Moreover, in some countries like Egypt, Mother’s Day is a day to commemorate and acknowledge the effort of and appreciation towards all women, not just mothers. Besides, it is also a day to recognize the valuable and pivotal roles that women play in society, including as sisters, wives, daughters, and mothers. Thus, in the Arab World, Mother’s is a melting pot of vibrant, endearing, and heart-warming activities, events, and gestures.

Now that we know what Mother’s Day is all about in Arab, let us check out some of the Mother's Day gifts and celebration ideas.

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas - A Simple Guide

Mother’s Day is a very special occasion. It is that day of the year when you can shower an abundance of love, affection, and care towards the most important woman of your life - your mom. Whether it is a traditional celebration, such as going out for brunches or outings or a more unique way to indulge in the joy, such as taking a baking class together - the ways to thoughtfully show love and care to your mom are many. In this blog, we will examine some of the simple yet memorable ways you can make your mom feel all the more special.

  1. Cook or Bake Something Special for Your Mother

One of the best ways to make your mom smile wide on Mother’s Day is by preparing her favorite meal or dessert. You can also cook something together with your mother. A cooking class for both of you can also be a super fun trajectory to celebrate and bond along the way.

  1. Write a Heartfelt Letter

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts is to write the special woman of your life a heartfelt letter expressing your gratitude for all that she does and has done for you. If you have a tough time communicating love and affection with words, you can simply pour out your sentiments and how much your mother means to you in a letter.

  1. Plan a Picnic

How long has it been since you and your mother went out on a picnic? I am sure that it must have been a while. So, this Mother’s Day why not relive some childhood memories and enjoy a picnic with your mother? You can plan a day trip to a nearby attraction or enjoy a picnic in the park. Well, it is all about spending the lay in nature’s lap, while enjoying each other’s company.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

An extra special Mother’s Day begins by ensuring that your mom’s morning is made with your thoughtful gesture. And, the best to do so is by offering her breakfast in bed. Be prepared to see a surprising reaction, wherein your mom’s face will have a big smile. You can prepare her favorite breakfast dishes, such as pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc, with a side of fresh juice. In addition, do not forget to leave a sweet note in the food tray telling your mom how much you love her and that she means the whole wide world to you.

  1. Curate a Thoughtful Gift

The fifth way to celebrate Mother’s Day is by presenting her with a thoughtful gift. You can give a bouquet of fresh roses or sunflowers if your mother is an avid flower lover. Similarly, you can also order a delicious cake for her, which both of you can relish throughout the day. The third gift idea can be something pertaining to what your mom is passionate about. For instance, if your mom is an avid book lover and has been wanting to read the works of a specific author, fulfill her wish and give her the book. Similarly, if your mom is a jewelry enthusiast, present her with a dainty necklace or a pair of earrings, and see her face glow with happiness.

  1. Give Your Mom a Day Off

On Mother’s Day, you can give your mom a day off by taking on her regular responsibilities related to household care. From cooking to cleaning and running errands, make sure that you are doing everything and your mother is just lounging on the sofa like the true queen she is! It is an excellent way to ensure that mom can relax during the special day or go out and have some fun that she always wanted to do but could not because of her packed schedule.

  1. Host a Family Gathering

If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day in a grander way, why not invite your friends, family and loved ones for a special dinner? A gathering of family or near-and-dear ones, where the center of attention is your mom, will ensure that she feels loved, appreciated, and heard. It is also a great way for loved ones to come together and enjoy a great night. You can take the family gathering idea two notches higher by surprising her. She will surely feel loved and delighted by seeing all the people she loves and who love her under the same roof.

  1. Book a Table at Your Mom’s Favorite Restaurant

Well, who does not like a fancy and sophisticated dinner? During the special occasion of Mother’s Day, you can book a table at your mom’s favorite restaurant and treat her to the most scrumptious delicacies. Otherwise, you can opt for the opulent route by booking a table in a five-star restaurant and spoiling your mom with the most delectable cuisines and the most amazing dining experience.

  1. Pamper Your Mom

The penultimate way to make your mom feel extra special during Mother’s Day is to pamper her. You can make a reservation for a spa session in a nearby salon. Likewise, you can also choose to offer a relaxing massage, refreshing facial, manicure and pedicure at the best salon near you. It is an excellent way to ensure that your mom gets some much needed me time and comes out of the salon looking and feeling like a million bucks.

  1.  Gift Her Flowers

If you want to keep it simple and low-key during Mother’s Day but still want to ensure that your mom feels special, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of blooms. A well-curated floral arrangement by an experienced florist means that you have a bouquet in hand that is extremely beautiful, smells good, and is an absolute sight to behold.

Wrapping It Up

So, there we have it, all about Mother’s Day in the Arab world, why it is special, and how you can celebrate Mother’s Day with the most important of your life.

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